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Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
preached a simple butler revolutionary -- a simple but revolutionary concept of the whole community. the government can't and should not shoulder theç entire challenge ofçç responseç, recovery, and prepared this. prior to theirç administration, nobody would really say that out loud. we became an agency trying to be everything to everybody at the worst possible time for all of us. it is their leadership and tenacity to hone in one this one psychological culture shift in speaking about earthquakes that is a real seismic shift in the way we look at things. we are honored to have him here for a few minutes today. the deputy administrator. [applause] ç>> good morning. it is truly a pleasure to be back here in san francisco. i was here a few months ago for the anniversary of theç loma pr ieto earthquake. in talking to a lot of folks and listening to the mayor, the mayor getsç it. i come from the city in the çnortheast. i spent a little bit of time in boston. i had a career before i came to fema to 0.5 years ago. boston and san francisco are similar in many ways. you have
Oct 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
comment? commissioner borden? >> i will move to continue this item, but i just want to ask mr. butler are we absolutely certain you only need one week? we have continued this i think three times. would two weeks -- if it is going off the calendar, is there any reason not to continue it two weeks? i just want to make sure we don't have to continue it again next week i guess is my concern. >> we had requested an indefinite continuance so we wouldn't pleaing you with this again. our team has signed a settlement agreement and the documents. we have settled, but the sponsor needs his signature on here as well. we are unable to obtain it. no one in san francisco has power of attorney for him. so if he, in fact, comes back from hawaii and shows up monday, we will be done with this, thank you. >> you are saying there is a lack of certainty around his showing up monday? >> no. he told us by phone he would be in town monday and we could conclude it at that time. >> okay. because i understand the way you guys are and -- i mean obviously he doesn't want indefinite continuance because of all the r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2